Ada kesalahan di dalam gadget ini

Sabtu, 06 Februari 2016


Hello everybody !!

How are you? I hope what you do will be success.
Today I want to share about my fashion design sketch.
I hope it will be your inspiration for your style.
You can share your design sketch or your style fashion what do you like.
I'm openned your style and your design sketch.

my blind date

my blind date

Glamorous sleeveless crop top
177.715 IDR -

Long wool coat
581.770 IDR -

Yufash layered skirt
2.269.860 IDR -

Leather bootie
19.061.000 IDR -

MCM leather backpack purse
38.122.000 IDR -

Kate Spade tech accessory
544.600 IDR -

Fiebiger lipstick
149.765 IDR -

Paco rabanne perfume
17.291.050 IDR -